ABOUT Pacific Lock + Load

In 2001, owner, Marv Wyatt saw a product being installed in Tucson Arizona that allowed the use of large equipment in the compaction of the last four feet of the retaining wall with the same density as the rest of the reinforced fill.   He realized this product solved a lot of the problems other segmental block wall systems had with settlement.   Marv reached out to the inventor of the Lock + Load wall system David Ash and over the next few years acquired the license for all 8 western states.  Slowly with what Marv calls “The Recipe” good sales, good manufacturing, and quality installation; Lock + Load has gone from manufacturing a few thousand feet a year to about one million square feet a year.  

We see a lot of continued growth potential as we enter the DOT market with numerous roadway projects constructed with WSDOT approval.  After the recession, our solid performance in the private sector is also growing rapidly again.    We hope our website is informative and invite you to contact us by phone and/or email to learn more about the LOCK+LOAD Advantage.


Loading DiagramLock + Load adds an extra dimension to the retaining wall industry. With its amazing new face texture to its revolutionary engineering capabilities, Lock + Load is changing how developers and contractors view walls on their respective projects. Lock + Load offers an excellent Value Engineering option for many wall needs on any project. Whether looking to replacing expensive CIP walls or architectural treatment walls on your project, Lock + Load offers a “Hand Crafted Stone Face” that offers substantial cost savings and looks great on any project. Need to put a fence, railing, or barrier on top of your wall, Lock + Load has an engineering solution to meet your project’s requirements. Need to save lot space on your project, using Lock +Load allows your contractor to place the top of wall application just behind the panel face and anchor it in the reinforced zone behind the wall. Although it may be just a foot saved, for a large scale residential development, could lead to additional lots.


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