Ritz Carlton Resort: Lake Las Vegas, NV

Owner: Ritz Carlton Inc.
Engineer: David Hall Structural Engineering Portland, OR
Contractor: Keywest Retaining, Inc. Wilsonville, OR for Perrini Builders, Inc. Phoenix, AZ Details: Maximum Height 36 ft. Total sq. ft. 35,000

Description: Structural Retaining Wall Parking Garage with traffic entry using the LOCK+LOAD system as the roadway support and cantilever span entrance to the third floor of the structure. Additionally, the next phase included LOCK+LOAD for the entry walls with a 2 to 1 top slope in- corporating its strength and aesthetically pleasing fascia.

Tract 24 Issaquah Highlands Washington Entrance Wall: Redmond, WA

Owner: Microsoft, Inc.

Engineers: Ray Cogless; Earth Solutions, Redmond, WA

Contractors: Keywest Retaining Wilsonville, OR

Details: 14 ft tall and 734 feet long wall using welded wire soil reinforcement . Built in summer 2010.

Description: Colored concrete retaining wall with backslope.

Jesse W. Harritt Elementary School: Salem, OR

Owner: Salem Keizer School District 24J, Salem Oregon<

Engineer: BMGP Engineers Salem, OR

Contractor: Keywest Retaining Wilsonville, OR

Details: Maximum Height 16 ft. Total sq. ft. 5000

Description: Jesse W. Harritt Elementary Linwood Street NW. Salem, OR, Roadway/Playground building support structure, school bus turnaround 14″ of wall face.

Fairway Creek Shopping Center: Roseville, CA

Owner: Citadel Equities Group, LLC.

Engineer: David A. Hall Structural Engineering, Inc.

Contractor: Keywest Retaining, Wilsonville, OR

Details: Maximum Height 26 ft. Total sq. ft. 28,000

Description: Fairway Creek Shopping Center, Roseville California, two tier and singular walls 1700feetinlengthupto26’providing building, parking and roadway support.

Caesars Palace Forum Shops: Las Vegas, NV

Owner: Caesars Palace

Engineer: David Hall Structural Engineering Inc.

Contractor: Perrini Builders Inc. Phoenix, AZ

Details: Maximum Height 30 ft. Total sq. ft. 2800

Description: Caesars Palace Forum Shops, 3500 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109, thirty foot high single wall branching in to three landscaped terraces.