On Grade Construction; Yamhill County, Oregon

Owner: Yamhill County, Oregon
Engineer: David Hall Structural Engineering, Portland , OR
Contractor: Keywest Retaining, Wilsonville, OR

Details: Maximum height ~8 ft. Total Wall area of 3500 square feet built in fall of 2004.
Description: This project was built parallel to the 9.3% grade eliminating the usual steps at the top of the wall all so that elevation changes are buried at the wall base. Also, the sleeves for the hand rail were installed during wall erection saving time, money and eliminating the potential problems associated with drilling directly behind the wall face.

Ogden Rail Yard Grade Separation: Ogden, UT

Owner: Union Pacific RR
Engineers: Parsons Brinkerhoff and David A. Hall Structural Engineering
Contractor: Stacy & Witbeck, Keywest Retaining; Portland Oregon
Details: Double track grade separation designed for 2 Coopers E-80 locomotive loads ( 80,000 Lb. per axel ~320,000 Lb per set of drivers). Maximum 30 ft. height with a total area of ~100,000 square feet.

Description: Several highly loaded wall structures built on a variable strength foundation materi- als near The Great Salt Lake in Ogden Utah. The walls were completed and put into service in 2006.

Ross Canyon Road: Omak, WA

Contractor: Keywest Retaining Inc., Wilsonville, OR

The Ross Canyon Rd project centered around the realignment and widening of a major arterial section of the City of Omak. Previously, Ross Canyon was a two-lane road bordered by a sand hillside with no sidewalks or turn lane, despite the numerous side roads and heavy pedestrian traffic.

Aspects of the project included new curb and gutter, 5-foot wide sidewalk, storm drainage, utility the most unique features of this project was the 3,600 square foot precast segmental block retaining wall. This project enabled the reconfiguration of the intersection with the State Highway to improve truck turning movements.

For this Transportation Improvement Board funded the project, HLA supplied complete project design, engineering, plans, specifications, estimates, construction engineering, surveying, right-of-way services and construction management.

The Point at Bridgeport: Portland, OR

Owner: ODOT Right-of -Way

Engineer: David A. Hall Structural Engineering, Portland, OR

Contractor: Key West Retaining Inc., Wilsonville, OR

Details: A value engineering of a cast-in place design using LOCK+LOAD and Welded Wire soil reinforcement for a building pad.

Description: ~3000 SF of ~10 ft. tall wall with a fence at its face that was built on ODOT Right-of- Way.

Golden Valley Grade Roadway Grade Separation: Santa Clarita, CA

Owner: City of Santa Clarita, CA CALTRAN Value Engineering Proposal

Engineering Team: TetraTech Inc, Ninyo & Moore Geotechnical, & David A  Hall Structural Engr.

Contractor: Phase 1: MSE Retaining, Phase 2: Security Paving, Phase 3: C.A. Rassmussen

Details: Six lane highway grade separation with a maximum height of ~40 feet. The three phases total approximately 80,000 sq ft of retaining wall.

Description: Back-to-Back structural retaining walls providing six lanes of traffic support and approach to overpass with traffic barrier and light standards cantilevered over the wall face. The project incorporated geo-grid as soil reinforcement instead of steel straps allowing the potentially corrosive on-site fill materials to be used which resulted in significant cost savings.

234th Street Extension: Hillsboro, OR

Owner: City of Hillsboro, OR

Engineer: David Hall Structural Engineering Portland, OR

Contractor: Keywest Retaining, Inc. Wilsonville, OR

Details: Maximum Height 13 ft. Total sq. ft. 10,500

Description: Road Way support with back to back retaining walls over Two Box culverts holding up the entire roadway. Project highlights LOCK+LOAD’s ability to use a column to mitigate differ- ential settlement potential of a box culvert through a wetlands area.

116th Street Extension: Redmond, WA

Owner: City of Redmond, WA

Engineer: David Hall Structural Engineering; Portland, OR

Contractor: Wilder Construction Company, Key West Retaining Systems

Details: Maximum Wall Height 33 Ft. for Back to Back walls providing support for 2 lanes of traffic as well as center turn lane, bike lanes, and a sidewalk.

Description: The project had a very short time window for construction and the immediate availability of LOCK+LOAD allowed for immediate delivery and start of construction. Project was visited and reviewed by multiple agencies.

Browns Canyon Utah

Owner: Summit County, Utah

Engineer: Kent Hartley IGES Inc. Salt lake City, UT

Contractor: Don Parker Construction

Details: 56,000 sg ft of wall in seismic zone 4. Maximum ht. 26 ft Colored concrete

Description: Multiple walls for a mountain highway widening project.